BIX has full range of circular push pull connectors, mating and demating compatible to,  for the application of military communication, medical electronics, testing and measurement instrumentations, IP 68, 360 EMC shielding, customer specific design is welcome。

 BIX has established its quality management system according to ISO 9001, and 5S management system. Product standards meet the requirement of MIL, UL and IEC, Chinese military GJB accordingly. BIX is also aim to ensure environmentally friendly and healthy production management.

BIX has circular push pull connectors, high current single contact connetcors, high speed RJ 45 and M12 X coding connectors, can design connectors according to customer specifications. In any case, high quality and reliability connection is the primary target for the company to achieve.

BIX has full production techniques, including turning, plating, tooling, injection molding, cable assembly, etc. BIX also has an internal laboratory to perform most of the necessary technical figures, such as the plating thickness, mating and demating force, electrical resistance, IP 50 & IP 68.

 BIX is located in Shanghai, and the company believes its high quality, flexibility, and efficiency will definitely help to export its products and service to worldwide。


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